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IBM opens global delivery centre in Viet Nam
World leading computer maker IBM opened its Global Delivery Centre (GDC) in Ho Chi Minh City on Feb. 5, its fourth centre in the Asia-Pacific region, connecting to over 30 others worldwide.  

IBM GDC will provide information technology services for its clients in Viet Nam and Asia in general, in addition to France, southwest Europe and Africa. 

Nick Donofrio, Vice President in charge of Innovation and Technology, said the centre's major goal is to meet clients' demand for IT solutions, thus reducing transaction costs. 

The facility will employ a considerable number of local IT programmers who are capable of speaking good French and Japanese in an effort to export services to Francophone and Japanese markets. 

Right now, IBM GDC is in need of 250 IT experts. 

IBM GDC, located in the municipal National University's software park, aims to accelerate IT practice and application among the city's IT students through establishing workshops and laboratories. 

The newly-established centre will also help upgrade the city's IT infrastructure through expanding cooperation with leading software companies such as TMA, Global CyberSoft and FPT in producing high quality professional solutions. 

Deputy President of IBM-Viet Nam Vo Tan Long said the establishment of IBM GDC in Viet Nam is another evidence of the group's concentrated investment in the country. He added that the new centre has also shown that the group is serious in its commitments to the Government to exploit the country's advantages in this field, thus improving Viet Nam's ranking in the world IT map.

(Source: VNA)

IBM opens global delivery centre in Viet Nam
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